To top-up your account with more Coffy Coupons, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Click on the "X drinks left" displayed on the top right of the Coffy App

  2. Click on the "Top up" button displayed in blue in the centre of the page

  3. Using the sliding scale select the number of extra drinks you want and hit the "Top up Now" button at the bottom of the page

Your account will now be topped up with the number of additional Coffy Coupons you selected! Two important bits of information:

  1. The additional Coffy Coupons will only be valid within that billing month - so if you have 10 days left of you month to redeem coupons with and you top up 3 additional drinks, you have 10 days to redeem those coupons.

  2. The price of each additional Coffy Coupon will be the same as the price per drink of your selected subscription package. For example, if you are on the Gold Package, you will pay £1.33 for each additional drink.

Below are the images of the app as per the three steps above:

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